Would you rather have a Big Mac combo or a virtual assistant?

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Efficiency

“MailNOW [Anow’s E-mail Parse tool] is like having a virtual assistant for the price of one Big Mac combo.” – Dave Starr

Whether it’s you or one of your admin staff, it’s likely that someone in your office is spending hours a week doing manual data entry work to ensure your business is kept up to date. Anow’s MailNOW feature is designed specifically to help reduce the time spent on data entry by automatically scanning the details in orders you receive by email and populating them into Anow for you.


If you’re willing to invest $10 a month, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in the time you spend on data entry, and you’ll also eliminate the risk of any data entry errors. “MailNOW is like having a virtual assistant for the price of one Big Mac combo,” shares Dave Starr, independent residential appraiser and sole owner-operator behind North Starr Appraisals. MailNOW will simplify your life and save you valuable time, guaranteed!


Averaging 275 appraisals per year, and never working past 6pm

Find out how Anow enabled Starr to spend time with his family, while maintaining an on-time delivery rate of over 99%.Click here to download his full story ⟶


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