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Status Reporting

How much time do you spend each day responding to phone calls and e-mails for your clients? Wish you could automate e-mail updates?

Grow your business

Finding and keeping those lucrative private clients.

Chasing Team Updates

Caught in e-mail and phone tag? Hard to reach that appraiser on the run?

The Old Way


Are y

Anow Connect


Connect directly to your clients with your company branding.
Automated status updates straight to your clients inbox!

The New Way


No more e-mails, calls and texts

Just imagine being able to set your clients up with an automatic email updating system so that you don't have to worry about manual follow-ups sever again!

Make yourself look amazing

Clients can order online, get e-mail status updates, share files and messages, and pay online.

Everything is automated

With Anow, tasks completed are automatically updated in the file AND updated for the client.

The Old Way


This saves a lot of time for me and makes my clients happy
at the same time. The two most important things to me.

- Leigh Walker, Lawrenson Walker

How it works

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More than just emails. Get a completely branded client portal for your customers to order, get updates and track all their orders. Try the free Anow Connect today.

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