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How It Works

Buy the add-on through the Add-Ons section, under Subscriptions, and get set up on MercuryNOW (simple instructions).

1. After confirming the add-on to your ANOW account, click the green Connect to Mercury button on the pop-up that appears. 

2. Enter your Mercury credentials into the given fields, then click the blue Login button to sign in to Mercury.

3. A green box will appear showing the details for the Mercury account that has been connected to ANOW. 

4. You're done! Reduced data entry, time saved, productivity enhanced. Any orders accepted in Mercury will now be available in your Order Desk

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No typing and less work, as the appraisal order accepted in Mercury will magically appear in your order desk!

This Add-On takes the AMC appraisal order from your inbox into ANOW. We capture the address, the client, all the relevant data and present the new appraisal in Order Desk.

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