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Modern Form Filling Software

Just draw a property floorplan with the handy Sketch feature in Nexus and your property square footage is calculated automatically.

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Calculate floorplans with a quick sketch

Smart UAD Rules

Say goodbye to errors and omissions while working on your reports. Nexus comes with real-time prompts to help reduce revisions.

All the forms you have come to expect

Everything you need and more.

Build reports across multiple computer monitors

Nexus works across multiple monitors and supports custom view settings so you can use your setup to get more done.

Collaborate with your team in the Cloud

Make report building a team effort. Improve your company’s efficiency, quality control, and training. 

If you are a current Anow User, you will get Nexus free for the first 3 months - afterwards, $30/month.

If you’re stuck in a report writer software contract with another company then we can give you an equivalent credit towards Nexus. 

Switching to Nexus couldn’t be any easier. 


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The CompVault

Pre-fills data if you've used a sale before and share your comparables with your colleagues.

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