A Partnership For Homeowners

Anow and Young Alfred have partnered to provide tailored home insurance for homebuyers

A Partnership For Homeowners

Anow and Young Alfred have partnered to provide tailored home insurance for homebuyers

Why Appraisers Care

There’s plenty to worry about when buying a new home, insurance doesn’t have to be one of those things!

Offering Value To Your Client

Anow partnership with Young Alfred provide your homebuyers with white glove, 5-star service, 24/ 7 service for all their insurance needs.


Personlized Service at No Cost

Young Alfred specializes in home insurance – it’s all they do all day, every day. Young Alfred is licensed in 50 states to be able to shop and compare insurance that meet clients budget and coverage needs.

Young Alfred is now included in your Anow office subscription

No Liability

Appraisers providing a valuation for a home are not permitted to profit from a valuation. You need not worry. We have you covered!
Insurance quotes are a direct agreement with Young Alfred and a homeowner. Appraisers are protected from any liability.


Why Young Alfred

Young Alfred, the most advanced home insurance shopping platform on the market.
Young Alfred offers a quick and easy way for Anow homeowners who have their home appraised through the Anow platform to shop and compare insurance for their new home.

All online, no spam, no phone calls

Real quotes, not estimates

Customized Options

Homeowners save an average of $352 a year on home insurance

Young Alfred was named one of the best home insurance companies for 2020 by Money.com and Yahoo! Finance

Why Is Anow The Right Choice?

Anow already comes with a range of tools that enable you to deliver an exceptional customer experience, but now you can assist your clients in making a smart, safe decision when it comes to purchasing homeowner insurance.  

Each year close to 2 million homes get appraised using the Anow. With this many valuations, we understand that it can be overwhelming and we want to simplify the lives of appraisers by giving them the right tools to empower their clients. 

What People Are Saying About Anow

I feel like Anow simplified a ton of processes for us. Just basically moving from paper to digital has been a major help for us and I think it’s saved hours every week, and we’re able to up our capacity for how many orders that we can handle. There’s nothing that gets lost in the process.

Brandi D.

Owner, Colby Dunagan Appraisals

“Thank you both for all the work you put into our profession. You guys are true trailblazers and I personally couldn’t have produced the multiple seven figures over the 5 several years without your products”

Brian K.

Appraiser, Accurity