Working with Anow and our proprietary software can do a lot for you and your appraisal business. Now that’s easy to say, and many will purport to do the same or offer the same benefits. But having been the the business for this long, we know how to make you more profitable and more agile than your competitors. While some may be afraid of change, an open mind and acceptance that the world is moving forwards in a digital way will not only keep you on trend, but it may just put you a step ahead of your competition.

Top Ten Anow Benefits

Today we thought we would take you through 10 benefits of ours that will certainly blow your socks off. Some of them may seem simple, but once incorporated into your business the opportunities for growth become endless. With that in mind, here are the 10 benefits that can take your business, no matter what size, to the next level.

Use of analytics to stay ahead of the market

  • The term “analytics” tends to get throw around quite liberally these days, and often it doesn’t mean a whole lot. With Anow, however, the analysis that can derived from our software will help you understand your business on a deeper level. You can see comparisons of your appraisals, deals you’ve done and who you’ve worked with. This data will work to help understand market trends and where and if changes need to be made.

Tracking unpaid invoices and clients

  • Having all of this information, including outstanding invoices and the ability to track them becomes significantly easier with Anow’s software. Within the analytics section you can filter to only show those that are unpaid, as well as narrow the data range to show specific clients or appraisers.

Working remotely becomes a whole lot easier

  • Anow’s software can be accessed by any device remotely (smartphones, laptops, tablets) and everything will be backed up and saved to the cloud. Having the data you need accessible when you need it and at the touch of a finger makes your business agile and faster than your competitors.

Excellent training and support

  • Should you be wary of change and are comfortable with the way things work, or perhaps you don’t have a lot of confidence in your technological abilities, we have you taken care of. We offer unlimited training and support via phone, email, and live chat. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, we’re here to help.

The ease of a paperless world

  • Moving towards a paperless style of business makes sense for a lot of reasons. Frankly, the potential cost savings are tremendous, not to mention the ease of organization once you have committed to doing so. With the aforementioned support that’s offered the change to a paperless environment will be much easier and efficient than you can even imagine.

Integrated maps service

  • By using integrated Google map services, you can keep track of very appraisal you have in the database. This makes it significantly easier to find properties, as well as saving time and money by being able to calculate traffic and travel times for future appraisals.

Security of the Software

  • We take security very seriously, and this means utilizing technology similar to that of large-scale banks. Your information will always be secure, backed-up to the cloud, and compliant. This also means your appraisers will only see their own work, not that of the company as a whole.

Commercial and residential features

  •  There are features in the software that are universal as well as those that pertain to commercial and residential appraisals specifically. The software can be tailored to your needs, so there’s no need to worry that it may not work with your particular business model.

Scheduling meetings and appointments

  • Anow offers a shared calendar program that allows you to input all important meetings and appraisals for yourself as well as your colleagues. This allows you to have a good idea of where everyone is during the course of business, as well as help you assess your appraisers’ workload. The calendar feature will help to balance the business and keep you agile on short notice.

Searchable comparables database

  • As opposed to keeping all of your comparables in a large excel spreadsheet or an expensive database, Anow gives you access to all of that data in one easy to use database that’s included in the software. It’s easy to use with the filters set up and will help any future appraisals and share important data with your team quickly and reliably.

Thanks for reading our Top Ten Benefits of Anow post, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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