November 2020 Anow Release Notes

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Release Notes

Always Improving For Our Customers

You’ll never be left in the dark wondering what’s been updated or released with Anow. We are constantly deploying new code to fix bugs and deliver new features to our users. That means we are continuously improving Anow Office and our Mobile App to better meet your needs.

December 8, 2020

Here is what we’ve released over the last month:

Features & Enhancements:
  • Timepicker settings added to My Preferences – Limit the list of time options available, and set default values for all timepickers across Anow.
  • Introduced Client Hub – Automate text and email notifications to your clients whenever an appointment is scheduled, if an appointment is changed, and 1-hour reminders before the appointment.
  • Separated Property Owner & Borrower fields.
  • Ability to add multiple Contact For Access clients.
  • Added Borrower to elastic appraisal dashboard.
  • Added Address 2 field to Global Search tool.
  • Mobile 2.1.1 and 2.2 Updates – These are updates for the Anow Mobile Inspection App . Learn more about these updates here ➡️
  • Fix for User Coverage Areas – Canadian boundaries (counties) now load as expected in the dropdown menu.
  • Fix to co-borrower on long New Appraisal form.
  • Order Print View fix to display all clients.
  • Fix for Payments in Anow Connect – Anow users should now receive all expected emails after payments are submitted through Anow Connect.


  • Customize your Order Details List and hide empty fields.
  • Custom dropdown lists for Value Approach and Inspection Type fields.
  • New columns available on your Appraisal Dashboard (Borrower, Property Owner, Fees, Inspection Type and Value Approach).
  • Anow Connect Fee Schedule and Guest Ordering settings.


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