Why Is Spring Cleaning Essential For The Diversification Of Your Business?

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Appraisal articles

The concept of spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home and surroundings but can be also extended to your business ventures. Spring cleaning at work is as essential as it is for your personal space. If you are an entrepreneur running your own business, you constantly need to think about fresh ideas and pump fresh blood into the organization.

Spring cleaning takes a holistic approach to weeding out the unproductive elements and pushing your business back on track. Before you jump into any diversifications related to your business, you need to focus on smoothening the core business processes.

Spring Cleaning Principles

Let’s see some of the most prominent spring-cleaning principles that can help grow and diversify your business.

1. Declutter

The first and foremost thing you need to focus on is decluttering. Decluttering in your business works on the lines of prioritizing the activities that add value to the business and removing the ones that no longer work in favour of your organization. You don’t want old things in your house that you never use right? Well, do the same for your business.

2. Hire Experts

What do you do when you want to rearrange your home and clean out the dire? Well, most of the times you ask for assistance and hire someone suitable to do the chore or at least assist you with the same.

The same applies to your business, you need to ask for expert assistance if needed. A third party’s point of view will help you overcome any personal or emotional bias. It is recommended to hire experts for a detailed overview of what’s working and what’s not.

3. Repurpose Things

The ‘repurpose’ principle is all about finding new ways of doing things and putting old resources to new productive uses. You need to think out of the box here. Sometimes, it is good to put your resources to alternate applications rather than just discarding them altogether. When it comes to applying the repurpose principle in business, you can do so by changing employee job roles and seeing if they are more productive in the new line of work.

Spring Cleaning Your Appraisal Business

Spring cleaning can be a major productivity booster for your business and can help align your business processes and grow your business efficiently. Your appraisal business, like the majority of other businesses, can benefit significantly using effective spring-cleaning techniques.

Anow has made it easier for appraisers and valuers to leverage technology and make the most of your deployed resources. Using its state-of-the-art technological tools and solutions, Anow helps business owners manage their appraisal team, track and accomplish the business objective and even deliver a quality customer experience.

Let’s delve deeper into how you can manage all this using Anow.

  • Build & manage your order pipeline

Anow offers you one of the best ways to create and manage your orders using its revolutionary dashboard that also provides you with a bird’s eye view of other relevant activities. You can either add an order using the normal feature that requires you to fill in all required fields or using the lightning icon (fast order addition) that allows you to add orders instantly using limited information. You can edit the orders and add all necessary information later if you have used the lighting option.

It is not just limited to this; you will have an option to track appraisals using a dedicated CRM in real-time. The calendar feature helps you with time management by providing you with notifications related to appraisal work. With the interactive map feature, you can pin every order against an interactive map for a holistic business overview. A robust mobile application is here to help provide more flexibility and allows you to overcome time and place constraints.

  • Auto-calculate appraisal fees

Are you still using your resources on manually calculating the appraisal fees? Well, there are better ways to do it. With Anow, you can easily set a default flat or commission fee for your appraisers and eliminate any possibilities of random human error. This will save your time and resources that you can put to other more productive use.

  • Track your business with integrated financial tools

The integrated financial tool that comes with the Anow application helps you overcome all the accounting and finance-related challenges. You can easily accomplish a wide range of tasks including running the company’s payroll, sending digital invoices, managing paid and unpaid orders, etc.

You can even set a commission or flat fee for individual appraisers based on your liking. You can easily manage your book of business using Anow Accelerate. A timely business health report check helps you overcome the latent challenges that might not be directly evident.

  • Order review

One of the best things about using Anow for your business is that it helps you easily review your orders and overview the whole pipeline to avoid any random errors. You have the freedom to create and run order reviews, assign reviewers, and keep track of reviews in the appraisal dashboard. Appraisal admins can seamlessly streamline their workflow and eliminate tasks like repetitive manual emails.

  • Product training and support experience

If you are wondering that it might get a bit overwhelming to set up this tool and work around it, you will be glad to know that Anow offers you a special one-on-one product training and support program to help you and your team members speed up the onboarding process.


Anow is a powerful suite of tools that allows you to smooth out your workflows and align your business processes seamlessly. It reduces the chances of random error and helps you utilize your resources effectively. It allows you to easily diversify your appraisal business and helps you prioritize things in order.


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