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Could you do more, with everything at your fingertips?

Anow is a great solution to plan, manage, and achieve appraisal goals from your office.

But imagine how productive you could be if every order and record was inside one appraisal app on your smartphone when you’re meeting clients and performing appraisals.

Work smarter, anywhere, with Anow Mobile
  • Check your itinerary from the Anow Mobile home screen
  • Map out appraisals and load them onto your smartphone’s navigation app
  • Check and update your tasks, notes, and files in the field
  • Manage and synchronize your appraisal calendar with your smartphone
  • Work offline (iOS only)
  • Transcribe notes with Siri (iOS only)

Get an overview of your daily activities

Would you like a summary of each day’s tasks at a glance?

Your Anow Mobile home screen offers a customizable view of each day’s activities – so you can spend more time winning business and less time checking your laptop and calendar.

Each homepage can include:
  • Today’s appointments
  • Tasks that are due
  • New Appraisals
  • Your personalized dashboard

Map out each appraisal and get directions

Do you rely on your smartphone’s navigation app when you’re driving?

Anow Mobile links to your smartphone’s map application and puts every appraisal detail at your fingertips – including the address, requirements, date, and property details.

Just find an appraisal location on the integrated map, then load it into your default map application by tapping ‘Directions’ – and you’re ready to drive.

Update your Tasks, Notes, and Files in the field

Could you get more done if your office files were at your fingertips?

Anow Mobile enables you to collaborate and work on orders from a slick mobile appraisal app interface – which can save time and improve your customer experience.

Work in the field with Anow mobile:
  • Check each appraisal’s tasks and give your office updates
  • Add notes that your team in the office can read immediately
  • View any files that are attached to the appraisal – including PDFs, Order Requirements, and Comparables

Manage your calendar on the fly

Do you like a calendar that’s kept organized and up-to-date?

You can access your entire Anow appraisal calendar from Anow Mobile and synchronize it with the calendar on your smartphone.

Anow Mobile includes your appraisal calendar – with every job, task, and even the colour-coding that you set in the office. You can switch views between day, week, or month, and load the details for any appraisal with a click.

Get extra functions on iOS devices

Do you use an Apple iPhone or iPad when you’re in the field?

Anow Mobile includes several extra features to help iOS users work more efficiently when they’re out of the office – even if they lose your internet connection.

Keep working offline

Anow Mobile for iOS works offline, so you can still open and update files even if you’ve lost signal or you’re on a plane. As soon as you find a connection your files will synchronize again.

Get map directions

You can get directions to your next appraisal appointment with Anow Mobile for iOS. Just tap the ‘Directions’ button to launch your default map application and start driving.

Use Siri to save notes

Stop trying to scribble notes and type on the move. Just tap the microphone and use Siri to capture property details accurately and save time.

See Anow Mobile in Action!

Watch and learn how to:

  • Check your daily itinerary

  • Get one-click directions

  • Call your clients

  • Perform inspections and sketches in the field

Appraisers Love Anow

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to these appraisers who love how Anow Mobile puts their entire office in their hands.

At the end of the day, here’s what I most like – when someone calls, I’m no longer afraid of jumping into the middle of it and getting that person the answers they need. It’s ALL right there at my finger-tips whether I’m on the road and looking at my iPhone or in the office and looking at my MAC, my whole business is right there in front of me. I love that one mouse click tells people that it’s done..”

Mark Skapinetz

What's It Worth Appraisal Services

“BAREA (Business Association of Real Estate Appraisers) are focused developing ways to adapt to this ever changing appraisal environment and Anow Walkthrough is an important tool in achieving that goal. It’s clear that technology innovations like Anow will shape the future of appraisals.”

Leigh Walker

Lawrenson Walker

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