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We get it. Starting with a new software can be overwhelming and complicated. We’re here to make that experience as easy as possible!


Here’s our main session goals:

  • To get your company profile, settings and team members set up on Anow
  • Teach you how to run your business using Anow, including: how to do payroll, invoicing and all the financials.

Riley DiMarco

Onboarding Specialist

Hey, I’m Riley! You may recognize me from answering support calls and chats, but I’m also who will be doing these 1-on-1 sessions with you. I’m passionate about helping you reach your goals with Anow.

Select a session that fits your business needs, and then pick a time that works for you.

Sesson 1: Process

🕒 1 hour

This session is dedicated to getting your company set up for success. We’ll be going over custom workflows, file numbers, adding users and more.

Session 2: Finance & Analytics

🕒 1 hour

Finance and reporting are important,, which is why we have a session dedicated to teaching you how to get the most out of it! We’ll be going through Payroll, Invoicing, Fees & Generating Reports.


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