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In today’s digital world, appraisal software that manages office processes offers unparalleled business value. An appraisal software needs to excel in all aspects, starting from tracking orders, assignments of jobs, collaboration, scheduling, and invoicing to payment management tools. Operating this type of software from any web-enabled device helps save time and delivers incomparable service to esteemed clients. So, customizable analytics makes life easier as it tracks business performance over any timeframe.

There are residential and corporate appraisal firms for whom Anow products have come as a boon and made their life a lot less stressful and a lot more organized.

So, if you are looking for a total overhaul of your company’s appraisal activities – look no further.

Presenting Anow’s appraisal office management software:

Anow Products

Anow Accelerate

Anow Accelerate is the ultimate software management tool for any appraisal company which aims at making its presence felt in the market. It is a single platform that any web-based device may access and helps to ease all the tasks related to the appraisal business. 

The best part of the software is that if any company does not require the full software, they may pick and choose the part of the software that they need. This flexibility given by Anow is most beneficial as a company specializing in a particular aspect of the appraisal process may choose only that which is relevant. This helps in cost-cutting and streamlining the software per client needs.

Anow Connect

Anow Connect gives the chance to personalize the portal, emails, and forms. A personalized and dedicated order booking portal for your client ensures half of your job is done. The client can place the order, go through the process at their own pace and time.

Anow MailNow

Anow MailNow is the email magician that can intelligently interpret order details and enter them directly into the database.

Anow Mobile

The need of the hour in this pandemic is to get the entire business in a magical app. Anow Mobile is the perfect app for your smartphone, which lets you check the progress of each order in your hand.

Anow Walkthrough

Residential appraisal companies have faced a significant setback in this pandemic. If a company is not allowed to conduct a physical appraisal, the  Anow Walkthrough tool has come as a boon for these companies by providing alternate ways to conducting an appraisal.

Anow Walkthrough handholds the homeowners to capture photos and feed important information about the interior and exterior of the property. This is much logical and accurate and does not expose anyone at risk. Artificial intelligence and public records are used to verify the data. The data gets secured with GPS and date, time-stamped photos.

Nexus Form Filler

Are you still stuck with a report writing software that makes form filling a boring and tedious job? Nexus Form Filler gives you freedom from that. It allows you to collaborate with your team in Cloud, real-time prompts, Compvault, and automated generated picklists.

Anow Grow

The Anow Grow package gives the client the best and cherished fifteen features of Anow Accelerate. These are subdivided into Finance, Reporting, Branding, Customization, and Team tools. Anow Grow is the perfect tool for all those commercial and residential appraisal companies seeking to soar into new heights of excellence.

Features of Anow Grow

Finance & Reporting
  1. Saved Insights Reports – Shows detailed reports which are not available in the regular section.
  2. Auto Scheduled Insights Reports – Get detailed reports delivered in your email at predefined intervals.
  3. Client Tech Fee & Expense Tracking– Manage, edit, or add the Tech fees of any client in Anow.
  4. Preset Invoice Items– Canned fees can be altered or added by the click of a button.
  5. Automated Fee Schedules– Fees may vary as per the country structure, and they can be modified in this tab.
Team Tools
  1. Revenue & Order Goal Dashboard– Tracking the setback or present status of the goal can be seen in a flash on the dashboard.
  2. Inspector and Trainee Roles– Identify the persons for Inspector and Trainee Roles.
  3. Assignment Role Settings– Change settings for the roles of Inspector, Appraiser, Trainee, and Review Lead
  4. Auto-Assign Workflow Tasks to Role (Including Trainee, Inspector, Appraiser, Review Lead)– This assigns a task automatically to a specific Assignment Role!
  5. Calendar Events for All Assignees– This is specially designed for Accelerate and Grow packages, where they can view assignments from the Calendar.
  6. Notifications for All Assignees- Predetermined notifications and assignment details are sent as reminders.
Branding & Customization
  1. Connect Login Page– Anow Connect personalizes the portal, emails, and forms. The client can place the order and progress at their own pace and time in their portal.
  2. Branded Client Ordering Portal– Anow Connect helps to design an ordering portal for the client exclusively.
  3. Branded Client Emails– Anow Connect helps to customize Emails for clients.
  4. Branded Homeowner Survey– Anow Walkthrough has come as a boon in place of doing a physical appraisal of the residential property.

In Closing

Marty Haldane, Founder of Anow, started the company in 2011 with a vision to bring a smile to all the appraisal business owners and appraisal administrators. To date, the team did justice to the vision, and after the collaboration with Voxtur Analytics Corporation in April 2021, it promises to achieve the best!



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