April 2022 Anow Release Notes

by | May 2, 2022 | Release Notes

Always Improving For Our Customers

You’ll never be left in the dark wondering what’s been updated or released with Anow. We are constantly deploying new code to fix bugs and deliver new features to our users. That means we are continuously improving Anow Office and our Mobile App to better meet your needs.

May 2nd, 2022

Here is what we’ve released over the last month:

Features & Enhancements:
  • Anow “Lite” Order Details Page
      • The Anow Team has created a new ‘lite’ version* of the order details page, designed to be even more simple and intuitive than before. You don’t have to be an Anow expert to use the program and get the details you need.
      • Click here to go to the full collection of articles on this topic!
      • *Please note the ‘lite version’ is only available for Anow users who aren’t signed up for a paid subscription, on Anow Marketplace orders.
  • New “Overview” of your Anow Marketplace Profile!
      • Edit your profile details, see which companies you’re connected to, access payout details, and more!
      • Click here to learn more. 
  • Onboarding Wizard has a fresh new look.


    • Regular maintenance to ensure systems are running smoothly.
    • Minor fixes throughout the month.


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